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[Bernard-Henri Lévy] Æ The Genius of Judaism [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ French philosopher and intellectual Bernard Henri Levy explores what it means to be a Jew in the contemporary world and looks at the rise of anti Semitism He affirms his own commitment to Jewish faith, culture and the State of Israel in this cross between a memoir and philosophical treatise I found the book mainly accessible and readable, but don t feel that I am qualified to pass judgement on his conclusions Nevertheless I found it an interesting read.
Bernard Henri L vy BHL is a French philosopher whom ponders the teachings of Judaism in the life of the European Western world He brings the cultural strength of France along side the story of Jonah and the symbolism of Ninevahs.
However, the tone of the book is uneven It shifts from Charlemagne to Proust and his own history I find the lack of evidence of all the treasures he brings forth I would like to have a cup of coffee with BHL

Judaism and its believers have been subjected to discrimination and reprisals right from its origin around 2600 years ago Apart from a brief stint of glory before Christ, their land, places of worship and right to self rule have been hopelessly appropriated by others It was Judaism that introduced the concept of monotheism to humanity But what is it that evokes so much opposition from other faiths A satisfactory answer is not yet received for this question and that s why I had taken this book in the hope that it d provide some clues to its exclusivity The passion against Jews has hardened with the growth of Islamic extremism The state of Israel is in the grip of a mortal conflict with Palestinian Arabs over a stretch of parched land saturated with history and belief Though the Palestinian claim to sovereignt this is a strange review for me as I am a Jewish woman and he is a known Jewish philosopher This is my first reading of his writing I read a small amount of this book and I do not understand the rationale for the title of The Genius of Judaism Maybe if I finished the book I would understand it He starts out talking about anti semitism by those who dont like jewish people Frankly I found Bernard Henri Levy very very pompous and his writing is confusing I question the reason for writing this and I question his values as a Jewish manJudy First of all let me say that I am aware that this is controversial author and I fully intend to read some of his adversaries as Simon has helpfully pointed out nevertheless I find this book so happy full of rich and varied Source material with Jewish and non jewish that this is worth a 5 star rating simply because it is definitely a reference book that I would want to have in the original French.
Second andimportantly, I think I would probably translate this book as the essence of Judaism.
Finally , he appears to Define Judaism as a willingness to , even in the face of danger, question and use knowledge based on logic To me this seems to fall within the idea of defining Jewish people as those who wrestle with God I per This is an odd book but an enjoyable It is a short set of essays by a distinguished French philosopher on the meaning of Judaism to him today I would explicitly add that Levy views himself as an irreligious person and this isa reflection by him on Judaism and the process of textual study and criticism as a mode of thinking and a source of thoughtful ethical action It is a personal work tied to his prior work in areas of pronounced religious and sectarian conflict in the Middle East and Ukraine The perspective seems to be one of guided and continual thinking from sacred texts and prior commentaries and thought with a view towards orienting one to living and acting in the world in a way that looks for principled religious action to engage with the world, including those that are outside of one s religious identity This is I wish I could recommend this bookits hard to describe let alone to find the right person to recommend to this mental feast t Perhaps this book is a blog of apparently disconnected insights that are best understood as mile markers on the author s intellectual journey to awareness and insight.
Bernard Henri Levi is brilliant , but often impenetrable His analysis of Anti Semitism is profound, his efforts to fix the world and alleviate suffering are exemplary, His journey from Leftist and disillusionment to Hebrew Scholar and voice of leadership was captivating I thought I was really keeping up with him and then he humbled me His analysis of the impact of Judaism on the creation of modern French left me in the dust Turns out I really don t know French literature and was soon lost The intellectual tour deforce was amazing I simply don t This book is somewhat difficult to traverse primarily because of Levy s constant name dropping rendering non French intellectuals who may be reading this book out in left field The first third of this book deals with underlying causes and irrationalities behind anti semitism through the ages and is well done As is Levy s description of the reasons supporting his love of Israel When it comes to his analysis of the impact of Judaism on France and the claims that France owes so much of its culture to Jews Rashi being the number one reason this becomes quite a stretch.
Levy is criticized Meir Soloveitchek in Commentary for his concern with the choseness of Jews His criticism is based on Levy s admission that he doesn t read understand Hebrew, much less Aramaic and is not really familiar with the sources of his own arguments Bible,Mishnah, Talmud While true, I didn In The Genius of Judaism Europe S Foremost Philosopher And Activist Confronts His Own Spiritual Roots And The Religion That Has Always Inspired And Shaped Him But That He Has Never Fully Reckoned With The Result Is A Breathtaking New Vision And Understanding Of Judaism And What It Means To Be A Jew, A Vision Quite Different From The One We Re Used To Taking Us From A Fresh, Surprising Critique Of An Anti Semitism Bernard Henri L Vy Sees On The Rise In A New And Stealthy Form Today, To A Provocative Defense Of Israel From Theleft, To A Secret History Of The Jewish Roots Of Western Democratic Ideals, To A Call To Confront The Current Islamist Threat While Intellectually Dismantling It, L Vy Explains How Jews Are Not A Chosen People But A Treasure Whose Spirit Continues To And Must Inform Moral Thinking And Courage Today This is a book I wanted to like and likely a book I would have liked had it been a half or a third the length that it is.
L vy often writes in long sentences, very long sentences In one case, I found one that coveredthan a page almost two And therein, he includes words and even clauses not necessary to his point and sometimes even distracting from that point The reader loses the thread.
And sometimes, he becomes self indulgent, dwelling excessively it seems on his own life, his own travels, his writings.
At the same time, however, there are nuggets of good sense and even wisdom buried in that superabundance of words In the second part, he deals with an extensive exegesis of the biblical Book of Jonah where, despite his many digressions, he develops the notion of the Jewish people as a light unto the nations to borrow a term from the P

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