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é Ce grand cadavre à la renverse ✓ Download by ¿ Bernard-Henri Lévy Levy writes this is a critique of those who, inspired by the desire to create a heaven on earth, were and are,than ever led to a flirtation with darkness, barbarism, and hell In a complex yet compelling argument, Bernard Henry Levy insists that progressive thinkers burdened with the task of defining the public discourse have abandoned their true calling the pursuit of social justice to go mucking around in thetempting, indeed, lucrative pastures, previously reserved as the philosophical stomping grounds of the Right That wonderland where every question is ultimately an economics question.
Levy s taxonomy of the events that necessarily shapes the Left is interesting, and leads to a critique as complex as it is damning of the New Left s tendency for the hasty adoption of historically heterodox ideas like the sociality of money and its metaphysical, civilizing function As an exa I m thrilled by this author s response to the Arab Spring and wanted to find outabout his political philosophy But while he makes some intriguing points in this book, his thesis is too poorly argued to count as philosophical Levy wants to remain a leftist and wants the left to reform itself But he attacks strawmen to make his points, then glosses over neoliberalism What I couldn t understand was why he even wanted to be called a leftist any, and his explanation for that was drivel.
He attacks the Stalinist left but skips over the Luxemburgist and anarchist ultra left theories that explain the Arab Spring of 2011 so succinctly Then, after a hopelessly unconvincing two paragraphs on page 88 telling us why the worst of capitalism won t ever come to pass, he jumps right onto the bandwagon that advertises today s global capitalism as t In This Unprecedented Critique, Bernard Henri L Vy, One Of The World S Leading Intellectuals Revisits His Political Roots, Scrutinizes The Totalitarianisms Of The Past As Well As Those On The Horizon, And Argues Powerfully For A New Political And Moral Vision For Our Times Are Human Rights Western Or Universal Does Anti Semitism Have A Future, And, If So, What Will It Look Like And How Is It That Progressives Themselves Those Who In The Past Defended Individual Rights And Fought Fascism Have Now Become The Breeding Ground For New Kinds Of Dangerous Attitudes An Unthinking Loathing Of Israel An Obsessive Anti Americanism An Idea Of Tolerance That, In Its Justification Of Islamic Fanaticism, For Example, Could Become The Cemetery Of Democracies And An Indifference, Masked By Relativism, To The Greatest Human Tragedies Facing The World Today Illuminating These And Other Questions, L Vy Also Brings To Life His Own Autobiography, Highlighting The Thinkers He Has Known And Scrutinized And The Ideological Battles He Has Fought Over Thirty Years Revealing Their Bearing On The PresentAbove All, L Vy Offers A Powerful New Vision For Progressives Everywhere, One Based Neither On The Failed Idealisms Of The Past Neither Nor On Their Current Misguided, Bigoted, And Dangerously Sentimental Attachments But On An Absolute Commitment To Combat Evil In All Its Guises The New Barbarism Levy Compellingly Diagnoses Is Real And Must Be Confronted At A Time Of Ideological And Political Transition In America, Left In Dark Times Is A Polemical, Incendiary Articulation Of The Threats We All Face In Many Cases Without Our Even Being Aware Of It And A Riveting, Cogent Stand Against Those Threats Surprising And Sure To Be Controversial, Wise And Free Of Cynicism, It Is One Of The Most Important books Yet Written By One Of The Crucial Voices Of Our Time Praise For Bernard Henri L Vy S American Vertigo An Entertaining Trip, As Much In The Tradition Of Jack Kerouac As Tocqueville The New York TimesPerceptive, Pugnacious, Passionate And Exquisitely Written The New York Observer It S Difficult To Remember When A Writer Of Any Nationality So Clearly And Thoughtfully Delineated Both The Good And Bad In America Grade A Entertainment Weekly Editor S Choice L Vy Is A True Friend Of The American Experiment And A Comrade In The American Struggle Against The Barbarisms The New Republic L Vy Writes Brilliantly American Vertigo Is Filled With Insights And Goodwill The Wall Street Journal Provocative L Vy Is A Writer Of Enormous Power And VitalitySan Francisco Chronicle Vigorous ImpressiveThe Boston Globe From The Hardcover Edition Whoah No page turner, this Rather heavy, with historical, political and philosophical references scattered over each paragraph, making it difficult to get through for anyone who s not intimate with Derrida, Camus, Fanon, Kant, Pol Pot, the Mufti of Jerusalem, al Banna, Finkielkraut, Focault, Spengler, Marx, Sartre And so on and on, in no particular order But That doesn t mean there s nothing of value in here Levy might be name dropping Dutschke, Baader Meinhof, Blum , but he knows what he s referring to Huntington, Cohen, Zola, Castro and it s not his fault that I sometimes don t Arendt, Hitchens, Berman This book is one of many which author is dissatisfied with parts of the Left, and looks into the What s and Why s of this dissatisfaction The themes are familiar Apologetism for brutal dictatorship anti americanism anti semitism and how it Ouch Painfully difficult to read Good thing I took a French history class in uni otherwise how else am I supposed to know about the Dreyfusards or the Paris Commune However, his ability to place a dozen different thoughts in a single sentence, rivaling Proust, makes this booktraining for reading comprehension passages than anything else.
I ve given up on the book Unreadable and undecipherable what political theory he s actually trying to advance.
I decided to check Levy out after seeing him on Fareed Zakaria GPS I m not sure that this book was the best choice for a first read Some chapters are lucid enough, but others leave me thinking WTF is he talking about The problem is that Levy writes in long, complicated sentences To excess There are so many extraneous and tangential phrases, it s difficult to follow the actual subject and verb UPDATE The over all effect to me is good chapter bad chapter Some chapters are really difficult see above and some are very easy to understand Still plugging away UPON FINISHING My lord, I hope his other books are better I cannot honestly say I d recommend this one, which kills me, because he s so cool on Fareed As i Finding the Way ForwardOne tends to forget that the original meaning of left and right come from the dispositions and seating plan of the elected members of the Revolutionary French Assembly, and that what it means today is a matter of political descent BHL, in a marvelous and lyrical rant shines a light on his disaffection with the neo progressive movement which, in his view, has betrayed the socialist agenda by a lack of moral understanding that the Manichean justice of black and white leads to the muddied totalitarianism and trampling of human rights of the brown Nazi red Stalinist or green Islamist variety pp33.
To be sure there is a great deal of referencing to individuals who may be unfamiliar to American readers, but after all, BHL s target audience is France and what is offered in translation is a peek at the goings on in that particular political corne Too many words.

this is the first time i ve read something by BHL that i ve found compelling and absorbing now, don t get me wrong he s still a bloviating windbag and it s really the latter half that earns my praise but this is a damn worthwhile book much as paul berman did in Power and the Idealists, BHL traces the history of the european left and proceeds to excoriate them for their present state BHL feels that it is a better world now that the question amongst the left, as posed by foucault, has changed from is the revolution possible to is the revolution desirable the left, BHL explains, no longer invokes History with a capital H or throws out stock phrases such as make an omelette you break some eggs to justify murder in his own words Today I no long This is a book to force people to think, to question one s beliefs L vy makes you travel with him in a realm of ideas that are too lightly taken for granted I do not think L vy wrote the book for the Left leaning people in fact, it would be a diminished book if that was true It is for every human being, a manifesto of what humanity is about, about my humanity and about the others about the way I think influences the way I relate to others.
In a sense, L vy describes a way to the earthly paradise, without recipes Just the advice.

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