Ñ La barbarie à visage humain å Download by Ø Bernard-Henri Lévy

Ñ La barbarie à visage humain å Download by Ø Bernard-Henri Lévy Levy Was A Left Wing Student Leader During The Events Of MayBarbarism With A Human Face Is A Fiercely Polemical Transvaluation Of His Former Values, Proclaiming That What Seemed To Be The Hope Of The World Is Really Its Destruction And That What Seemed To Be Progress Is Really The Approaching And Inevitable Triumph Of All The Forces Of Darkness This Is A Book Of Iconoclastic Prophecy, Whose Central Intention Is To Show That Behind The Mask Of Revolutionary Benevolence Hums The Motor Of Absolute Evil

Lo le de un tir n y, cuando lo acabe, no pude dejar de sentir desaz n Si me hubiera topado con este libro en 2010 seguramente no habr a cometido ese error de mi vida que fueron los mal llamados estudios culturales , una de las caras m s bonitas y m s populares de la barbarie Golpea, obliga a pensar en c mo, cuarenta a os despu s de que Levy mostr las apor as de la izquierda, seguimos cayendo en ese Kool Aid intelectual.
I first read this while a student in China sometime between 1977 and 87 It was an important book for me in that context.

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