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↠´ American Vertigo ↠´ Download by ✓ Bernard-Henri Lévy What Does It Mean To Be An American, And What Can America Be Today To Answer These Questions, Celebrated Philosopher And Journalist Bernard Henri L Vy Spent A Year Traveling Throughout The Country In The Footsteps Of Another Great Frenchman, Alexis De Tocqueville, Whose Democracy In America Remains The Most Influential Book Ever Written About Our Country The Result Is American Vertigo, A Fascinating, Wholly Fresh Look At A Country We Sometimes Only Think We Know From Rikers Island To Chicago Mega Churches, From Muslim Communities In Detroit To An Amish Enclave In Iowa, L Vy Investigates Issues At The Heart Of Our Democracy The Special Nature Of American Patriotism, The Coexistence Of Freedom And Religion Including The Religion Of Baseball , The Prison System, The Return Of Ideology And The Health Of Our Political Institutions, And Much He Revisits And Updates Tocqueville S Most Important Beliefs, Such As The Dangers Posed By The Tyranny Of The Majority, Explores What Europe And America Have To Learn From Each Other, And Interprets What He Sees With A Novelist S Eye And A Philosopher S Depth Through Powerful Interview Based Portraits Across The Spectrum Of The American People, From Prison Guards To Clergymen, From Norman Mailer To Barack Obama, From Sharon Stone To Richard Holbrooke, L Vy Fills His Book With A Tapestry Of American Voices Some Wise, Some Shocking Both The Grandeur And The Hellish Dimensions Of American Life Are Unflinchingly Explored And Big Themes Emerge Throughout, From The Crucial Choices America Faces Today To The Underlying Reality That, Unlike The Old World, America Remains The Fulfillment Of The World S Desire To Worship, Earn, And Live As One Wishes A Place, Despite All, Where Inclusion Remains Not Just An Ideal But An Actual PracticeAt A Time When Americans Are Anxious About How The World Perceives Them And, Indeed, Keen To Make Sense Of Themselves, A Brilliant And Sympathetic Foreign Observer Has Arrived To Help Us Begin A New Conversation About The Meaning Of America From The Hardcover Edition I saw this guy on The daily show and then saw the book in the library Very different but interesting This Frenchman spends a year traveling around the USA to re create the travels and observations of Tocqueville Tocqueville is still a vague concept and I have never read his writings The book is a series of columns two to three pages each So are very good and bring a new perspective on the USA that only an outsider can bring However, the author has their own biases He does the US as a beacon of hope and a functioning democracy In many ways it is refereshing to hear an outside talk of the items that are good in the USA in our political process how can the USA be a better political process than France Some good observations The whole big looser television show and the idea of obese Americans his point that the weight lose industry is Fresh off my interest in Even Wright s Hella Nation and Louis Theroux s The Call of the Weird, I m back at it again, following alongside two other intrepid narrative journalist, hitting the pavement and dirt roads of America in search of the weird and idiosyncratic in this great land of ours From sea to shining sea, quite literally But while Wright and Theroux spent the pages of their respective books delivering detailed insights into the inner minds of the folks from the various extremes of fringe society, Levy a Frenchman is muchegalitarian in the way he captures a much wider array of Americans from all walks of life including many from the mainstream One of Levy s earliest words of praise happens when he arrives in Seattle after alre Lot s of poignant run on sentences about Americanness, but I ultimately lost patience.
I love the way this author pronounces his name Bernard Henri Levy Say it with a french accent now LOVE IT He was on a travel podcast I listen to a few months ago and his accent made me swoon And so smart I am not a fan of the french, but agh, I love it when it s good Plus jewish, always a plus.
Anyhoodle What was this book about Dude driving around America, seeing what it s all about in the 21stC, following an old French philosopher s trail Kind of interesting More political then I was expecting, but politics I agree with, so it wasn t too much of a disappointment A very recent read, takes place during the 2004 election A lot of I remember where I was when was going on in my head, which I love The last 100 pages went on for a while, reflection Blah There was an update on the Naw leans part, which I appareciated Philosophy always goes over my head too much and this book had a bi Just a brutal read Levy s visit to America misses the boat and defines the country through a series of strange tropes that don t reflect much on us we do not all attend megachurches, go to sex clubs, have a reverence for baseball and flag, weighthan we should, etc It s sort of interesting in a few ways, though First, it gives you a sense of someone who looks for meaning where none appears to the actual citizen rather than finding something insightful, it finds nothing and puffs it up Second, you get a sense of what he was looking to find when he visited he dearly wants America to be, in many ways, better than Europe because it has not yet given up on his political vision of exporting democracy and ending human rights abuses Finally, some quirks of his timing are amusing for example, he writes shortly after Katrina that he is co I m always interested in both road trip books, and books about how others see us America American Vertigo gives us a lot of food for thought if we let it, even though I m not convinced Mr Levy always puts the correct interpretation on what he s seen Most of the book is a series of short sketches, each describing something the author encountered during his American tour in 2004.
The last section, Reflections, is a summing up of the author s experience I could barely get through this section I m not familiar with many of the dozens and dozens and dozens of philosophers, intellectuals, or political analysts referenced in this section With the exception of the postscript about Hurricane Katrina, my eyes glazed over during this section and it was a chore for me to read.
Lots of food for thought Not much fun.
Edifying, occasionally rambling account of a modern day Ameriphile French author philosopher re enacting Alexis de Tocqueville s visit to America in the 19th Century A mite dated, as it s set during the terrorism centric Bush years, but nonetheless a fascinating look at America from a European outsider.
French intellectual Now there s a label bound to raise hackles or elicit sneers in America these days, especially when a French intellectual is writing about his tour of the United States But Bernard Henri L vy didn t come to bury us or to praise us, for that matter He came because the Atlantic Monthly invited him to travel around the country during the election year of 2004 and to reflect on what he saw, in the manner of Alexis de Tocqueville s 1835 classic Democracy in America L vy is a celebrity in France, where he s so famous that he s often referred to by his initials BHL He s an activist who founded organizations to combat racism in France and hunger in the Third World, a philosopher who attacked the Marxism that was the dominant strain in French thought, and a journalist whose book Who Killed Daniel Pearl was the subject of both praise and controversy in the United Sta With no further blithering on my part, here are some quotes which I found notable Doesn t mean I agree with them, only that I found them notable On the American view of natureFor a European, one of the most enigmatic characteristics of the American ethos is its relationship with nature.
The Floridians don t tame nature they push it back Instead of subjugating it, they drive it away Florida is vast, and space is of so much less importance than in Europe, that there s room for both city and nature.
There are the remains of a pioneering spirit that for centuries has accommodated itself to a sense of temporary habitat, perched, as it were, on the side of the road, pressing forward with the frontier, and by definition precarious.
But there is also, anchored deep in the mentality of the country, a slightly supernatural, al

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